Positive Motivation and Development Services

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Motivation Is Not A Light Switch It Is A Practice, And We Ensure You Will Have Field Tested Techniques That Have Turned Vagabonds Into Philanthropists

Motivation and Development Services

Personal Or Group/Team Motivational Services

We offer this service for teenagers and adults.

  • Strategic Planning Sessions during which we set goals and create plans you can to follow to achieve your goals
  • For Professionals/Athletes/Entertainers/Artists/Writers/Film Makers/Individuals/Groups/teams of all kinds:
      - Who need more motivation
    • - Who need direction
  • Also For Business Owners 
  • Personal Sessions customized for you
      - Get pumped up before anything you want to be your best for.
      - Get personal scheduled daily/weekly/monthly sessions
  • Seminars-online, and in-person.

    • We will be offering seminars that will cover a range of topics
    • Seminars are designed to help you find your best self by putting you or keeping you in the mindset of plenty

    Small Groups online, and in-person

  • People who are at a similar place in their lives teaming up to improve and support one another
  • Motivational Speeches And Presentations

    • For Your Small/Mid/Large Organization,  School, Group/Teams, Or Sports Team
    • Special private or public event planning and presentations with transformative motivating themes
    • We can arrange motivational speeches or presentations for your group/organization tailored to your specific needs

    Motivational Texts Subscriptions

    • Spiritual and non-spiritual content available
    • Custom or standard packages

    Motivational Emails Subscriptions

    • Spiritual and non-spiritual content available
    • Custom or standard packages

    Specialized Pathfinders

    • For individuals or groups who need a boost, a push, or motivational energy
    • For individuals or groups who need to get into the mindset of success
    • For Professionals/Athletes/Entertainers/Artists/Writers/Film Makers

    Strategic Planning For Professionals/Athletes/Entertainers/Artists/Writers/Film Makers/Individuals/Groups

    • Figure out your purpose (what moves you)
    • Set goals
    • Put in a framework to achieve those goals

    Life Coaching | Making Sure You Stay On The Path

    • Your account executive will help ensure that you find a life coach compatible with you, and that will help keep you in the attitude of plenty

    Personal One-On-One Mentorship

    • For Professionals/Athletes/Entertainers/Artists/Writers/Film Makers/Individuals
    • For Business Owners

    Positive Thinking & Motivation Classes

    • Online
        - By Subscription
        - Per-Class
    • In-Person in some cities
    • You can earn a Pathfinder Certification

    This list is not all-encompassing. If you do not see what you need, make contact, and chances are we can help.