About The Founder: JW Zepeda, Attorney At Law.

Love in action.

A High-rise view of JW Zepeda and why he started Path to Plenty
In his words:

I have been selling or managing something or the other for over 20 years. Early in my life, I found that I excelled in sales and motivating people.

Before perfecting my sales craft, I joined the United States Marine Corps. I joined to keep my family’s tradition of service alive. I am now an Honorably Discharged Disabled Veteran.

After that, I took many jobs to get exposed to different sales training.

Even then, I already wanted to start a sales consulting because I had already proven my sales skills.

Many years later, after graduating from Law School. I was looking into starting a law firm. The time it was taking to create the firm consumed me. I know how much work it takes to launch a business the right way in today’s market.

I tried to find a company I could pay to do it all for me but did not find one.

So, I decided to fill the need by starting a one-stop-shop for all your business needs. Path to Plenty was born.

And as far as the motivation aspect of this business, I can tell you that I went from having nothing (that’s for another time) to being the man writing these lines.

I have helped start and expand multiple businesses.

I own this business and others, including the JW Zepeda Law Firm. PLLC.

I am currently organizing my second nonprofit which I setup personally.

I have helped friends and others be more motivated and successful.

I am now making it our business to help you.

I lived it and continue to do so.

My team and I are ready to motivate you and put you on your Path to Plenty.

You will get the type of service that we would expect for ourselves. We follow the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have done upon yourself.”

And we take it a step further; we treat our clients the way we would like our mothers treated.

With a servant’s heart I welcome you.

Godspeed on your Path to Plenty.

-J.W. Zepeda, Founder and CEO

JW Zepeda is the President of Z Mesa Group,
Founder and CEO of JW Zepeda Law Firm, PPLC., and Shepherd and Founder of Shepherd's Passion Church.


Industry Experience:

Real Estate, Financial Services, Automobiles, Telecommunications, Entertainment, Appliances, Construction, Flooring, Hospitality, Production, Oilfield, Military, Security, Consulting, Wholesale, Retail, and Nonprofits.
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