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I was asked the other day what the most crucial piece of advice I could impart to someone is, and without skipping a beat, I said this; “Join your team!”

If we can conquer the world between our ears, the one we walk on becomes easy. If we can get our minds to work with us instead of seemingly against us, we could possibly fly (only partially trying to be grandiose).

But it is not a pill, a lecture, a video, or anything else by itself that wins the day. It Is A Practice.

“Join Your Team!” is a chapter in my up-and-coming book, The Path to Plenty.

The chapter starts by showing why your mind is seemingly against you and why your mind constantly seems to bring up things you could have done or should have done differently. I show you why your mind evolved to be negative. But, no worries, folks, I also share with you by chapter end how to begin to get your mind to “Join your team.”

Join Your Team Folks, Join Your Team!

Stay tuned. Plenty is coming.