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Harlingen Sales Services for the 21st Century

Maximize Your Sales Ability and Learn to Get What You Want Using Only Words.

Path to Plenty, LLC delivers your #1 Harlingen Sales Services destination. At Path to Plenty, we understand you may not consider yourself a salesperson. Still, the ability to make the sale and sell yourself is something that you probably practice daily.


Path to Plenty believes that whether you’re selling your products, your services, or yourself, almost all interactions boil down to being able to convince someone else to buy your message.


As the Premier Harlingen Sales Services Group, we help you learn the sales skills to promote yourself and/or your business. We teach you how to show yourself and products in the best light possible to close more deals daily.

Our method is not a temporary fix. It is a permanent process, along with other human practices we show you if you want them to last forever.


Our program can be applied to everyone. Whether you’re an individual who wants to learn how to attract, a Sales Professional who wants to make more money, a small business owner who needs a better sales process, or you oversee a sales team that is ready for the next level, Harlingen Sales Services Will Deliver Peak Results.


Our packages and plans are fully customized, with services like one-on-one training sessions specifically designed For You. Sales Training for your entire staff that interacts with a lead, Sales Training Seminars, On-Line Subscription Classes, or one per order. In-house sales process adjustments or Complete Sales System implementation and training program. We can even run your entire sales system as your remote in-house Sales Department on a case-by-case basis. At your Harlingen Sales Services provider we got you covered.


We at your Harlingen Sales Services center further extend sales training to ANYONE who wants to excel in getting their way.


Path to Plenty is unique. We’re 100% Veteran and Minority-owned, based in South Texas. Our Founder JW Zepeda Served Honorably in the United States Armed Forces. JW Zepeda earned his Juris Doctorate from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas, and is a practicing Attorney at Law. JW runs the JW Zepeda Law Firm, PLLC.


“I hope to ensure All People have access to World-Class Service to help their American Dream come true, so we are bringing it to them.”-JW Zepeda.


We at Harlingen Sales Services by PTP, have experience being number one while working with (and selling for) businesses across diverse industries. We stand ready to serve any individual or massive firm on the Fortune 100 and everything in between. We’re here to help you maximize your sales potential and returns. Contact us today and change your tomorrow.

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Only proven frontline rock stars can be trainers at path to plenty

What Harlingen Sales Services Does Path to Plenty Offer?

One-on-One Sales Training / Consulting

Perfect for individuals, salespeople, self-employed business owners, and sales managers, we'll work with you hand-in-hand to ensure you can close more deals regularly. Even if you are a person who wants to get your way more, we can train you too.

In-House Training Services

If your sales team needs a boost, let our team customize a training course for them. We'll come to your business and help tune up your team. Or we can build your team and sales process for you.

Sales Seminars and Workshops

Not sure you want to commit to a customized sales training program? That's okay! We regularly offer sales training seminars and workshops that anyone is welcome to attend. You will learn skills that will serve you for the rest of your life as you sell yourself better.

Full-Service Sales Management

Don't want to deal with the hassle of selling your service or product? Not sure how to manage a sales team effectively? Let our team do it for you! We'll put our sales experts to work to help increase your bottom line. If we run your team, you will make more money or get a full refund.

Without Proper Sales Training,



We can show you how to increase your conversion rate (how many customers you sell- turning potential customers into cash).